The company Inter Marine Service Corp. was established in the seaport of St. Petersburg in 1998. Since then the "IMSC" set up its branch offices in Moscow, Vyborg, Kaliningrad, Novorossiysk and Temryuk which provide high quality service of ship's agents.

We attend on a vessel on her arrival at the port, throughout her stay and after her departure, make all necessary arrangements as ship's agents: arranging for pilotage, towage, bunkering, stevedoring, tallying and other services to be provided to a vessel when required.

During the vessel's stay we supervise and coordinate all her movements and cargo operations in the port, duly reporting the Owners/Charterers/Managers. We undertake preparing all appropriate shipping documents and finally furnishing the Carrier with a detailed formal report with all the relevant documents and photographs (if required) attached.

The IMSC can also provide services of ship's protecting agents at the ports of St. Petersburg, Leningradskaya oblast (Primorsk, Lomonosov, Vysotsk) for all kinds of cargo vessels. The ship's agent and forwarder services combined enable us to solve most of the problems associated with ship's mooring/berthing and cargo handling operations.

The IMSC renders its services to Owners/Charterers/Managers of various type vessels:
dry cargo vessels
bulk carriers
reefer vessels
timber vessels
container ships
Ro-Ro vessels
tankers and barges

Cooperating with Inter Marine Service Corp. you will find reliable partners at reasonable costs for competitive services rendered.